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    I'm going to use this to post a hypothetical question just to get it off my chest in a forum that isn't heavily used. I have noticed over the last handful of years that there has been a steep decline in the competency level of the "average" gamer. Why is that? Maybe it's because online games are more main stream which pulls from a wider demographic of people? Maybe its because games are mostly ftp and they draw in the lowest common denominator of players? The people around me, that play a similar amount of time, are in the same guild etc., seem to be MUCH worse on average than players who played a similar amount 10 years ago or more. So much so that at this point some of them are spending decent chunks of money in cash shops each month and are just keeping up or are well below where my characters progress is and I am completely ftp. This isn't a brag...my characters that I am referring to are very mediocre. I definitely am not "hardcore" the way I play these games. I am what I consider to be a casual player...though I do prefer to be efficient with my time. I don't think my gaming skills have increased. If anything they have dropped off. I definitely am not as focused and don't spend the time playing that I once did so that can't be the reason that I am noticing this trend. This seems like it is a reoccurring incident at this point. I have seen this happen in a couple games. Is it just me or have others noticed this as well? ...the reason may be due to not playing games that use a purely subscription model that draws in more dedicated players...maybe? Unsure. Hopefully Pantheons subscription based model will solve this issue but it is a bit concerning and there is no guarantee. It could be the effect of a generation of younger players who have never had the option to play a challenging mmo so many never learned to play efficiently. There were no consequences for playing inefficiently so this style of gameplay has not been adopted?...at least as far as the middle of the road, non "hardcore" players are concerned? I swear the average player is MUCH worse than they used to be around a decade or more ago. Is it just me? Maybe I am just unlucky to have noticed this repeatedly?
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