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  1. KrayzieKal

    Website Maintenance

    06/27/2017 Website has been patched with the following updates: Daily reputation allotment has been changed from 1 to 7 for members, and 2 to 15 for all supporter tiers, moderators, and administrators. -- After speaking with a Mr. Zuckerberg that is not affiliated with this project, it was determined that allowing the community to go on "like" sprees would ultimately end up being a good thing. All members can now continue to edit their posts after the 5 minute mark from posting. -- Members no longer have to vigorously proof-read every post out of fear of being confronted by the Grammer Police Patrol Squad. Our Captcha has been updated to be more difficult to solve for robots rather than humans. -- As much as we would like to think it's possible that we had 148 new users registering at the same time yesterday, it was quickly realized that the SBS (Spam Bot Syndicate) was responsible for the activity spike.
  2. KrayzieKal


    Hey Maclypse, welcome to the forums my friend! Happy to have you with us
  3. KrayzieKal


    That sounds awesome man! I am in a similar position, I can't wait for gameplay so I can make more interactive videos. I'm happy to have you on board, definitely let me know if you can use any additional help in regards to the creation of content process. I use adobe as well, the video on the homepage was created using After Effects and Adobe Premiere (as well as a bunch of plugin kits such as Optical Flares etc). I also am not great with the 'art' part, and either outsource it or spend the extra time to do it myself. Welcome to Fantheonmmo.com! --Kal
  4. KrayzieKal


    Welcome to the community man! And thanks, happy that you enjoyed the video. We plan on making a lot more over time haha
  5. KrayzieKal

    Ogre Direlord

    Yes.. Ogre Direlord. That will be my official class. I've primarily played Warrior over the last decade, but this time I'm content with being a badass Off-Tank. I know this is all situational right now and we don't know the specifics, it is possible that Direlord will be the 'Main Tank' for a range of bosses (such as Undead maybe), none the less I can't wait for Pre-Alpha so we can learn more about these classes and what they bring to the table. I doubt this will change as I pretty much made my mind up a long time ago! Looking forward to seeing who else plans on taking the Undead Call To Action
  6. KrayzieKal


    Welcome Candarie! I can't wait to bring Healz.how to life soon with you! We will be including streaming sections on this site as well and will definitely feature all of your work. Keep kicking but
  7. KrayzieKal

    Barren Intro

    Hi Barren, welcome to the community! I look forward to reading more of your posts, and hope to see you in Pantheon! --Kal
  8. KrayzieKal


    I always liked this concept, it is definitely something I would like to turn into an infographic or a video-- reminds me of Final Fantasy 3 (the dreaded Chupon....) Also I think the spectating feature would make this extra cool. Could you imagine how jumping it would be? haha
  9. KrayzieKal

    Website Bugs & Errors

    Thanks Candarie, it's a setting on ip.board that needs updated, thanks for bringing this to my attention!
  10. KrayzieKal


    What's up guys! I will be making a lot of different content ranging from funny skits to full blown videos. This should be really exciting.. I will add to this, but look forward to seeing what everyone has in mind for custom creations-- Kal
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