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  1. Eldert

    Paladins Two Races

    Paladins can only be played by humans and dwarves. I know some over in the dev forums don't like Paladins only being able to be two races. I think it's cool. Having classes that have more restrictions makes the game feel more real to me. I also like playing the classes that aren't played as much. Since warrior can be played by almost every class but gnome there will be plenty of tanks. Just not lots of paladin tanks. What do you think?
  2. Eldert

    Eldert Intro

    Cut my teeth on EQ1. Play a ton of MMOs haven't really found anything I liked as much as EQ1. Just hanging out waiting for Pantheon to hit beta ;). Looks like Paladin in a win for me because it appears it might be a lesser played class (which appeals to me). Dwarf Paladin FTW
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