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  1. kelenin

    Has the average gamer level diminished?

    It's likely been so long since he played EQOA, he probably didn't think about sitting to med. On to the main point of this thread, though. I don't feel there has been a decline in the competency level of the average gamer, I think it's more that the games recently haven't required as much competency in general, and when you get to a part of the game that does, people haven't practiced the good habits needed in those areas of the game. If the game challenged the players from the beginning, or at least early on, then the players will begin to form good habits that translate into the tougher parts of the game. Then when they're done doing the more challenging content, they go back to the normal content of the game and reinforce their easy mode habits.
  2. kelenin


    Those on Windows 10 should be able to do it inherently using the XBox app. I've used it before and it works pretty well, and it even supports the "Record Last 30 seconds" option. I'll definitely be availing myself of this to not only report bad behavior but to remember good times.
  3. kelenin

    What would you like progeny rewards to be?

    I like the faction idea. It makes sense in a society and it would be able to provide extra benefits that would otherwise be unobtainable without using the progeny system.
  4. kelenin


    What is it that makes you think it won't be included? Is it because the Atlas doesn't show anything on it? The Atlas is a bit past due for an update, and Kilsin has stated as they finish more areas of the Atlas they plan on updating it. So you may get to see some Whitethaw at release.
  5. kelenin


    I think the gnomes were on a floating city, and I never saw a reference to where that city was. The other two races I'm not sure about.
  6. kelenin

    Encouraging Socialization

    I've seen this in a few games (include EQ1). It appears to work very well and is a decent counter to price deflation (where players always place their item a little less than all the others for sell). I've always been against achievements in games, but mainly because the games end up with too many achievements, such that making an achievement isn't really anything anymore. Examples of achievement flooding would be: Going to a certain location, even if hard to get to; gaining certain levels; killing X of a monster; having X gold or platinum in your inventory at once; logging in X number of times; failing some check (such as crafting) X number of times. These all I have seen in games before and achievements become pointless. If gaining achievements actually meant something it would be worth it. I've only played one game with a reputation system in it, Archeage. It's reputation system wasn't really that great. What I would say though if there was a reputation system like you describe, it should have a decay. Say every week you lose 10% (always rounded up) of your reputation. So if you don't get reputation for a while you'll effectively lose reputation. You can never go below zero. With a decay like this you may also be able to allow reputation to be assigned more than 1 per week. I'm not sure I like the idea of rewards for reputation. The reason is, large guilds will end up repping a single person to get rewards. Just let reputation show up somewhere, maybe when you "inspect" someone or when you do a LFG or something. I like VR's idea that crafters will be able to take any item dropped by an NPC and upgrade it. But I also like the idea that crafters should make items that typically don't drop from monsters. ArcheAge did this very well, there were a *LOT* of items that could only be made by crafters. While I like this idea for helping new players to the game, I don't like the idea of taking currency/harvested materials from new players. Getting faction could be cool though, although it would suck if your squire unknowingly started ruining your faction.
  7. kelenin


    I used to dual box in EQ and Vanguard. I used 2 computers, and had a keyboard and mouse on each and played them both independently just having the keyboards and mice next to each other. I didn't use any programs to do anything out of the ordinary to play the game. I do not like the idea of people installing software that allows them to play characters that they're not actively controlling. That includes being able to use a single keyboard to map to multiple instances of the game. They're actively controlling a single character, and are passively controlling background characters. That's just my opinion, though. If VR were to come out and say that such play is allowed, then I wouldn't hold it against anyone, even though I don't like it.
  8. kelenin

    Welcome back

    It's good to see the board back up and running.
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