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    [US] Revenant | PvE

    [Website] | [Join Now] Year established: 2011 (Originally a SWTOR Guild) | Timezone: EST Based (but open for CST - PST) | Playstyle: Casual to Hardcore (With raids being about 2 nights a week). Revenant is a multi-game / multi-platform gaming community. Old Community, starting from scratch. We are looking for all players who fit our same gaming style. Our current list of games played Ark Overwatch Destiny 1 on X1(Destiny 2 for PC) Revenant Gaming is looking for anyone interested in the upcoming Pantheon MMO and is looking for a home. We are also looking for individuals who might be interested in helping lead the Pantheon team into battle. Requirements for everyone Mature Community - 18+ is recommended Mic is not required but encouraged. We will be using Discord Voice Chat for Raiding. Requirements for officers or leaders Organized Leadership - Must be able to communicate with other leaders. Able to communicate - Via Forums, Chat software, or VOIP Server. The love of Gaming! - Don't care when you started gaming, just want users who have a passion for gaming. We work with you - We want your division to do great, so we will work with leaders to provide the resources they need to do great. We are also looking for administration staff to help run the site. Available Staff Positions All interested parties can message me on: steam: Steam Community - RivaCom, Battlenet: Riva#11618, or PM on here. You can also PM me on our site Revenant Gaming
  2. Riva

    Encouraging Socialization

    I think anything rep or achievement based would be wrong to force players to group or socialize. Honestly the big things I see that need to be considered are basically going to be player driven. 1. Economy - Force the community to control the economy. However the Devs need to create a need for various things. My example of this is Travel, if Devs but too many fast travels or mounts, you ruin a huge economy gain. Traveling in EQ forced players to interact and created that initial conversation for players to get to know each other. Being a ex druid, I loved porting people around the world. 2. Buffs - Devs need to make spells unique and needed. How many of us ran around looking for Mana crack or similar? Or heck SWG had dancers who buffed players in cities, why couldn't something similar along those lines work for Pant?
  3. Riva


    I think people here are judging something they don't quite understand. Let me start off by saying, I do not multi-box or dual box, I could never afford the sub for it =P. So story goes, 6 Years ago, a friend and myself decided to startup a Guild for SWTOR. We started mass recruiting people and eventually ran into a individual who ran https://www.dual-boxing.com/ , they were looking to play SWTOR. Not really knowing much about dual boxing I was a little resistant at first but I sat down and talked to the owner of the site. Eventually SWTOR was released and all these players from the dual boxing community played along side of us. So facts that I learned about Dual boxing, Dual boxing does not generally use follow mechanics, so voiding following will not exactly cancel the dual boxing ability. Dual boxers are not trying to cheat anyone, or hack the game. They just enjoy a different aspect of playing the game. Dual boxing uses a program which is not the same as bots, it allows them to map multiple game clients to the same keys, even if they are out of focus on the screen. So I understand some might see them as resource botting, and in some instances it probably would suck while camping something. But the intention is never to do harm to the game or others.
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