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  1. Candarie

    My Vision for Progeny

    On MUDs and influence - Yea we're gonna see that, for sure. The game designers, and most of the VIPs, are players that played "door games" on BBS, classic RPG with paper & dice, we might be a niche market now but I still think we can hold up a game that is "our kind of game". On your tank, I seriously look forward to whatever you cook up. You described a completely unique toon! I have no idea what such a blend would be, but that's partially because I only dabble as a Tank (I often run a Tank as an alt for 2nd-tier backup runs). It would be an absolute PERK though, to not fully understand each other's characters. In that theoretical, you would still get my respect. It would be an honor to heal someone that put that kind of serious work and thought into being unique. Some version of ArenaJunkies will probably complain that your build is not optimal by some complex set of math. However I would like to believe that beating raids and being a good guild is about being more than some math formula that overgears, overtanks, overdps's encounters until they are a total faceroll.
  2. Candarie

    My Vision for Progeny

    Putting my preference for non-speculation aside, I'm starting pre-pre- on the premise of being a Cleric. There is word of [redacted] that might be like Vanguard's Disciple (my favorite healer of all time). What I hope to see most is that you can use Progeny to blend and bleed characters in some way. Without it, I'm just going to repeat the system the max number of times doing Myr Cleric over and over again to cap. Nothing else will make me pick a different class or race. On the opposite end, if blending is legitimate, I might be something like Cleric/Cleric/Cleric/Necro/[redacted]. Vanguard's Disciple was such an energizer bunny that it would always be me pushing my group faster, harder, trying to keep my flow at max. You could stay at peak effectiveness as long as you never stopped. Healing that way was amazing! The combination of Feign Death and Resurrection on one character was also hard to beat. Another class I loved but doubt we'll see any variant of is one that was cut from Rift, and that is the Warden that existed in Alpha. It had a serious "flowing water" feel to it, water was clear instead of blue, and like the disciple, was a "weaker at the start, peaks high and can stay at peak" class that required you to flow that water. Beautiful stuff. This line is pure fantasy to me, as someone who has tested most healers in the last 20 years, what I've learned is two things - To the Game - "Let me play well to hit peak and stay up." Make sure something works this way. The adrenaline rush of doing this to be a star is my drug. To the Players - "Let me play the game MY WAY." Trust in me that you have hired me for your raid to bring it. Don't tell me how to play my character, play your own. I am more than HPS. I am the fresh perspective that does something unseen and changes the game. ~C
  3. Candarie


    Wow a "Villain" guild that is a new twist! Wish you and those guys the best of luck. That sounds way more interesting than the typical RP guilds and their usual flavors. May your summoning be ever in your favor! /villainquote ~C
  4. Candarie

    My Vision for Progeny

    Agreed here. Although it doesn't touch your characters power, I hope we can add some real lineage flavor to this awesomesauce. Surnames, Family Trees, Inherited Housing/Property, etc
  5. Candarie

    Pantheon Raiding -- Hyper/Ghost Concept

    Just saying, I played with the owner of Allakhazam's back then (before instances) and we definitely kept track of every rare item in the game and compared them. I don't recall BiS becoming a thing until the raidsize:drops ratio went through the roof. Which to me always seemed to be more about dropping to 20-ish players and giving out 5+ items per boss (killed in 15 minutes trash included) than when it was 72 players and 3-5 items after a 2+ hour effort.
  6. Candarie

    Ogre Direlord

    That is a great plan really. The more group leads and even spread of roles we have the more people will succeed. I will admit it is kind of funny, at least to me, when leadership XP was first invented people were falling over themselves for me to get it first. Today, people tilt their head at the idea that a non-Tank is the group leader. Either way, I know we will get two good teams from you guys
  7. Candarie

    IDEA: Tagging & Mods

    Tags for demonstration purposes only With the idea that someone like a mod who is personally invested in the site would know better about tags that are missing or that are inappropriate; My idea is to give someone other than the OP the ability to edit those tags. This fixes problems like "heal" "healing" "healers" "heals" etc too by collapsing them into a single tag that is easier to reference. ~C
  8. Candarie

    Paladins Two Races

    Along similar lines there are less seats per raid for tanks in my general experience. Same applies to healers in a lesser degree. So if limitations increase flavor and help make the playerbase match the requirements of the game, I am all for it. /dark myr cleric
  9. Candarie

    Ogre Direlord

    With you and 1AD7 both playing tanks; are you doubling down on tanks for your group or splitting up?
  10. Candarie

    Pantheon Raiding -- Hyper/Ghost Concept

    This is the first new take on boss instancing I have seen in a long time. The idea I like a lot; but I think that instancing had one more clutch idea that made it so viable: player control of the start time. If the server is highly competetive, then even a "top guild" may find themselves in a rut when the spawn timers have been dislodged and are now popping +/- 12 hours from their game time. This inevetivably leads to drama, pressure to "drop everything and raid" on-call (I had a cell phone like a dope dealer for EQ devs/my guild to call me on demand). Some people can do this but most can't.
  11. Candarie

    Player.me Profiles

    Hi friends! Most of us have some reason why we seperate our "gaming" lives from the "professional" one. After just reading TDC's guild post, and then seeing a myriad of social media links at the bottom - I noticed a missing one! This service has only been open a little over a year. I've found it quite useful for my "Game Identity" under control. You get to do some Facebook feed like things, but mostly I use it to maintain a game history, and show my official links to other sites. If you use this link, I get nothing except you follow me as soon as you join. I think you'll enjoy it! https://player.me/?invite=Candarie Enjoy!
  12. Candarie

    Website Bugs & Errors

    Awesome! Firefox & Extensions keep me as safe as anyone can be. The credit here goes to the EFF, really. https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere
  13. Candarie


    " if auto-follow is disabled, it would be absolutely clear that when you see a group doing it, they would be using some sort of botting program. " While true, you're not relying on user reports to see bots and spammers on any of your websites here because the success rate is too low. Tech methods are better -- in this comparison, the server itself has better eyes than we do, and can follow artificial autofollow groups over longer periods of time with better accuracy. When I was racing for Diplo in Vanguard, finished world 2nd, I got accused of botting by players reporting me. Those players did not know I had been a serious tester, nor that myself and the other top Diplos had been in constant contact with the staff. So when I got "caught" it was by the same GM that I knew. She messaged me to see if I was there, and I said "Oh hey again! Was (#3 player) able to get the quest unstuck?". Then I was told that she laughed and had not noticed it was me and I was clearly not botting since I stand next to and chat with them often. I had just been reported the most for a rhythmic back and forth I had been doing for a couple days. Had I not had that relationship, relying on player reports would have disrupted the race, and hurt legitimate players. Some other bots can be even smarter, there are space bots in Star Trek that use algorithmic movement to follow the rest of the team without matching any of our flight paths exactly. The bad guys have this, the game never featured auto-follow (because it's poor in space dimensions). On top of that, actual players can rarely spot it since the flight looks good. The server can learn the algorithm in ways players can't. This is a cat-and-mouse we will never truely win either way, sadly. I would prefer the battles stick directly to the bad guys.
  14. Candarie


    Anytime you take something away from a good player, because of the actions of a bad player, it's the wrong course of action in my opinion when it comes to gaming. We haven't seen a game yet be unhackable. If you take a useful tool from the good player, the good player loses it. The cheater does not. Never. They find ways, oh so creative ways, code injection, hardware accessories, OS-level scripting, driver hijacking, you name it and 10x more, no matter how you slice it, CHEATY GON' CHEAT. So you'll find me always on the side of "Our reaction to multi-boxing is to try something first before we even entertain the idea of artificially restricting it. We want to make combat, especially mid and higher level combat, so tactically intense, with so much going on, so much to do, so much to counter, so many companions to keep alive and the timing of many abilities crucial, that multi-boxing is extremely difficult if not impossible and likely far inferior to having an actual real person in your group." which is a very wordy way of saying, do things that are pluses for the good player and negatives for the bad player and you've got a winner.
  15. Candarie

    Website Bugs & Errors

    Okay so I submitted this on Discord first, then I saw this thread. So is an unsecured password box a bug?
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