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  1. Yeuo

    Sky kingdom

    Something in the air obviously kinda like skies of arcadia, love this game, but never seen anything like it's ship battle anywhere, I would love something like that added in an expansion In skies of arcadia the air ship battle, where turn by turn for each of your turn, maybe something like predetermined pathing and one would control the ship and the other member of the group could be on the deck and attacking the enemy, and buff/debuff could be used to speed up or slow down whoever the target is to have a better chance to hit it! And also, a impact vs stability stats, with some treshold preventing you to be knocked down but if you haven't any, a simple ogre could knock you down easily!
  2. Yeuo


    I'd like to see a support class maybe that give a sort of manashield ( or ressource shield) that helps soak up damage at the cost of burning your mana etc, kind of a risk/reward, depending on the situation or if someone get stuck in bad :D, and obviously with some sort of buff/debuff if it's more of a support class =)
  3. Yeuo

    What would you like progeny rewards to be?

    Maybe bonus to crafting, kinda like if you taught your progeny so they have higher gathering rate or an easier time to level it up
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