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  1. Larr

    Write a one scentence story

    Its alright, throw it out there lol! Faulkner once published a 1,288 word sentence (absalom, absalom). If you play around with different types of clauses you can link ideas into a single thought, but its much harder to edit it down succinctly as you have found out!
  2. Larr

    Write a one scentence story

    good one 7! As she turned her back on Larr, he turned to his rattling minion and with a tear streaming down his cheek, “If you really want a heart Gabartik, you can have mine.”
  3. Larr

    What is a druid?

    Raiding is a tough idea to comprehend. I expect healing to be their main focus. EQ didn't really break the healers apart other than to give clerics the biggest direct heals, druids got regen and thorns, and shaman got slows. They all had HOTs I think. I raided so little in EQ2 as a cleric but I do remember reactive heals being pretty important from clerics too. I expect druids to be heal your own group style healers, raid buffers, role fillers (if shapeshifting becomes a thing), and most importantly atmosphere adjustors; can I coin the term, atmospheric counterspell. How do you feel about requiring a druid for raids to counter a bosses attacks? countering an earthquake with levitate, or an AOE snare with an area wildfire. I think its ok to have this type of class requirement for certain fights.
  4. Larr

    Write a one scentence story

    Haha! sorry, but its great practice =) “You can’t cut off the hero of Kingsreach,” Larr slurred at the twin bartenders standing in front of him, “this coin is straight from the pockets of Queen Amenthiel, herself”
  5. This isn't a "continue the previous post's story". This is a tell "the entire story in a single, non-run on sentence" post. Also, Pantheon themed, of course Example: You have a hero, that achieved something great, at great cost to himself, and the outcome of that action. Good luck! Its a tough challenge
  6. Larr

    What is a druid?

    Real life research: Druid knowledge is passed along word of mouth Ovates are healers, Druids are philosophers and teachers Celtic druids were largely village leaders - Keepers of social order, legal disputes, and spiritual councilors Elements of druidism All life is sacred The otherworld- a parallel world that maintains the spirits of ancestors Reincarnation Nature is sacred Holistic healing Life is a journey of stages Potential- the measure of creative, psychic, intellectual, and intuitive capabilities Magic- Ideas become manifested through the mind and divination There are many druidic organizations still alive today, order of bards and druids, Golden Dawn, etc Merlin is though to be a druid as opposed to the common view of him as a wizard D&D 5e - druids chose land druid or moon druid Land druid - low constitutions, high magical acuity Moon druids- high constitution, shape shifters (think WoW) Based on the above: Lore Druids are predators; chaotic and hungry They draw powers from forces of nature; land and moon There is a wheel of life, and druids are the ones driving it forward Functionality Role: Healer, DPS, Atmosphere/climate specialists Armor: Leather, cloth Weaponry: one-handed blunt and two-handed staves Ability arsenal: Healing, movement, outdoor themed DD and Dots, Climate alteration, atmosphere influencing, and, dare I venture a guess, shapeshifting?!? (transformative side of nature) Iconic ability: summon storm- calling upon the destructive forces of nature, a Druid can out perform a wizard under strict circumstances and also provide a change in atmospheric rains when necessary to replenish
  7. Larr

    Racial Abilities

    Increased faction gains seems appropriate and within the lore, also maybe improved vendor pricing. EQ gave them 5 fire resist and no xp modifier.
  8. Larr

    Arches of Havensong

    it probably is as simple as the lore evolved. I read someone else talking about the original screenshots of Thronefast had more gothic architecture too. Maybe was just time to kill the placeholder models.
  9. Larr

    Just saying Hi

    Hi Kittik
  10. Larr

    Larr, berry tester

    On the shores of an ancient freshwater sea, where the skittering trilobites bask in the warm sandbars, there lived a small tribe of Neanderthals. Every day, the tribe would fend off wild beasts and roving pestilence only to fall to the fabled foe of hunger. The forest around the sea grew rich with many types of berries, but one day, a handful of berries killed their best hunter, and no one would dare eat any. Larr was born into a family of poo-hole diggers, the lowliest of low, and he wasn't all to bright, either. One day, the chief came to Larr and said, "We are so hungry. We need a berry tester to save the village. Your face will be etched in the caves by the sea, and your family will have the best life we can offer." Without arguing, Larr agreed with an, "ugh." and thus he became a berry tester. The very first day he went out into the forest, he brought back many berries that he personally tested to be safe. The villagers looked him over and, satisfied, gobbled up the berries. Their hunger was satisfied for the first time in weeks. The next day, when he returned from berry hunting, again bringing many good berries, he found the entire tribe dead in pools of their own fluids. The chief pointed his shaky finger at the idiot and with an "Agh." died where he fell. You see, Larr was a genetic anomaly. In a time, when mutations were the difference between life and death, he became the first king of the unified forests, and under his rule, he had many wives and many children and his land grew rich with berries. Interests: gaming, fanfic, nature, philosophy Dislikes: onions, maple syrup, cool whip Life motto: Love is Universal Fun fact: there are 33 Walmart supercenters, and 6 Sam's clubs in San Antonio, TX
  11. Larr

    Arches of Havensong

    September 2016 newsletter discussed the arches of Havensong. During the latest "making of a city stream" Jared Pullen talks about the Arches of Havensong both being present in the marketplace of Thronefast, and a site of some sort of christening. No doubt related to the lore quote : Other lore: Havensong was the first human settlement on Terminus, the site of King Amensol's death, and wiped off the face of terminus by the human god of rage, Ossari. Now, I view their presence inside Thronefast as sacrilege. I know I shouldn't because this isn't even pre alpha yet, but I can't wrap my head around their presence inside the city. The reason I am so shocked is based on the concept art as well as an in-game(?) rendering. It appears that both may have been scrapped and its location flat out moved. Why would such a powerful landmark, denoting the death of King Amensol's city, and the death of King Amensol himself, not be used as a marker, an anchor to the human past, and a tombstone of remembrance to Avendyr's father? Side note: If you compare the architecture to some renderings from the stream, you see the similar pillar/half arch has persisted into things like the market stalls. I
  12. Larr

    How Halflings Happened

    I have been #teamhalfling since early 2015 when I wrote my first fanfic. They have evolved quite a bit since then, but this newsletter was exceptional in its details, lore bombs, and design insight. If you look through the details in the pics, you really get a feel for the halflings. on the official site, there are lots of people declaring that halflings are the best. I bet its simply due to the amount of information available.
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