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  1. Kittik

    Racial Abilities

    What racial ability are we hoping to see in humans. Typically the most boring racial abilities are given to humans, but it's also got to do with something within the lore. A leadership trait. An encouragement trait. Boring, but I'm also not the most creative person.
  2. Kittik


    If boxing is allowed, I'm going to do it. Whoa, whoa...hear me out. I'm going to play this game with my wife, who I know isn't going to play as much as me. So there will be times when I'm playing and I don't want to leave her behind, so I'm going to box her toon to drive it around. I don't plan on doing any group content while boxing, and if any fighting does happen it'll be vs. very small mobs. I have no plans on boxing 3 or 4 accounts. Only 2 and only because I'm going to be begging my wife to play with me and if she logs in, has to spend 20 mins trying to find me and when she does, I'm 6 levels higher than her? Well, 1) I'm done playing Pantheon, and 2) I'm done playing Pantheon.
  3. Kittik

    Whats a Troll

    So what are we going to do with our pitchforks and tourches? How do we know the boundries of what Troll behavior is and what is just someone who is an idiot and oblivious? What are our (this Forums) rules to ensure we're not starting a witch hunt for someone who just happened to cross our path on a bad day?
  4. Kittik


    Good, because I have no clue how to do that.
  5. Kittik

    Housing Instanced and built.

    Ok, so I know it's been said, by Brad, that there won't be housing on release. Honestly, I feel we should push this issue, but thats just me. I loved housing in EQ2 and all you could do with it. It was basically a game within a game. But I digress... I see no issues with instanced housing. Look at IRL apartments, its' the same thing. We all go in one door, do our lives, and all come out the same door the next day. To the outside eye, it's instanced housing. A couple of tricks would be, take Thornefast for exampl, Thornefast will have an Inn with 20, (who knows) doors to rooms. The brothel (5 rooms), the Guard House (4 rooms), the Warriors Hall (10 rooms) 5 random large houses, 6 random small houses. So if you take (using my numbers above) 50 door, err sorry, rooms x10 you have the potential to house 500 avilable rentable houses/rooms for characters in Thornefast. (These numbers could be adjusted btw). Limiting the number of "instanced" rooms each door has could also play into a real estate market (which could be the ever important money sink game developers need). Charging 100 Plat as downpayment and 10 plat a month for a Large house and 1 Plat down payment and 1 Gold a month for a small Inn room is another money sink. But it gives players a home. I cannot overstate how important a home is in an MMO to give players a sense of belonging. This can be done in villages, other towns large and small. If you have places that are logically available to have a room for rent, add instanced housing. Importatntly enough though IS limiting it. Giving or even having it available to everyone defeats the purpose and feeling of accomplishing something. Secondly, (I know this post is getting long) World, (or server) events to build buildings outside of town. If a town is over crowded and more rooms are needed, a world event can be started where players of that server, and whatever region it is on that server would undertake a quest by someone in that town to build a house or two just outside the walls, or in the nearby village. Collecting wood, ore, materials and donating it would help to the construction. Joining a mini game where you help in the construction could also be added. Once the house is complete, 20 more instanced rooms become available in that house.
  6. Kittik

    Follow Aradune

    Thanks, I've been wondering where people were getting information that I can't seem to find anywhere, or from the videos.
  7. Kittik

    Conditional Logic

    DPS modifier as your health gets lower. - Could be a class abiliity though. Master Strike Mechanic - I mentioned in the official forums. I don't like the way EQ2 did it. I liked the L&L but if we were instead to get an overall damage amplification to all attacks vs. a mob we have "master knowlege" of, I think thats a cooler way of doing it. 1-2% greater damage on all attacks. Something like that. Harvesting Nodes. I pray we don't see random (very out of place looking) rocks which we go harvest. Ore should be in mountainous stone and the nodes should be huge. To combat this HUGE mine from someone just sitting there mining all day, make the ore weigh A LOT. And to ensure they don't macro, once they are at their weight limit, they can't mine anylonger. Same with Trees, maybe not as dense in quantity as ore, but should still weigh a lot, and the tree doesn't need to fall down..imo. Movement Speed modifier - Roads! If you are on a road, you move 25% faster. All town'd areas are roaded, so you move 25% faster inside a town regardless. Mob group / solo encounters - Anytime a mob see's someone they should shout for help. If another mob is near enough, he'll hear and assist. Secondly, if ever there is a wondering mob that gets within seeing what you're doing to one if it's companioins, they should immedatly assist. Mob AI. - Mobs (if they have the ability) should cure first, and cure themselves as often as they can, shouldn't have a threat meter and should attack who they "think" is the most detrimental to their success.
  8. Kittik

    Website Bugs & Errors

    Not a bug, but when creating a new Topic, your Title is black letters on a dark grey background. Is this adjustable? Because thats the default and it's hard to read. Same goes for account creation. Black letters (very small I might add) on a dark grey background.
  9. Kittik

    Just saying Hi

    Hello all. Same name as official forums.
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