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    Website Bugs & Errors

    Aye, some of the UI elements need a once over for contrast/accessibility considerations. Dark grey on black or medium grey on dark red aren't very good colour selections from a UX perspective. The captcha element when creating your account and your initial post in the "Conditional Logic" thread are good examples.
  2. Celandor

    Whats a Troll

    I would love to believe that reputations are important. I think they are, but I also believe that the Pantheon community and VR staff are over estimating the significance. Reputation is only important if it modifies behaviour of people who might otherwise act in ways that are completely anti-social. If I'm a boxer and I'm running 6 accounts, I may not care if anyone invites me to their groups or posts all the horrible things I've done in a forum. If I'm in a big guild and we all act like asshats together, we don't really care about public opinion. We may in fact thrive on being the outlaws of the server. Regrettably, there are some vary large guilds who mostly consist of people who enjoy griefing and dominating other players through any means possible. Pantheon is going to need a play nice policy, a reliable method of submitting petitions with evidence, a strong CS team and the willingness to protect the vast majority of players by issuing enforced directives, suspensions and even bans. I've tried to float the idea that repeat offenders should have their accounts moved PERMANENTLY to a PVP server with an "Escape From New York" prison city mentality. No guards. No rules. You want to play king of the hill, here are some folks who have their own plan. There may even be guilds who elect to play in that environment voluntarily. If you repent and learn from the error of your ways, you can start fresh with a new account on your original server. Get moved a second time and you're flagged as a problem child and your only option at that point is to play on the island of misfit players or quit Pantheon I don't know if it's been done in other games but I don't have much confidence in this concept of a mostly self-policing community.
  3. Celandor

    Crafting is All

    I've always thought that it should be crafters who produce the BiS items. Let the components drop from the traditional end game bosses, but don't just hand out BiS from corpses. Let the mob drop be a very nice sword or breastplate, but if you want the BiS, you have to take that item to a top tier craftsperson. Preferably, let the mob only drop a scale or a claw or blood or something unique used in the forging/tempering/creation of BiS gear. This still makes it a requirement to hit the traditional targets on your route to upgrading to your gear, it just drives the need for guilds/players to embrace craftspeople as an important part of the culture. Make this the case from the early parts of the game when players are first upgrading from their cloth tunics. Harkening back to very early EQ, people were making and buying banded armour and it really drove the community to interact. It was awesome. I used to travel from zone to zone on my enchanter as a traveling jewel crafter and sell silver and gold jewelry. People would send me tells from several zones away that I'd done work for on previous days. We'd travel, meet up, exchange goods and have a good chat. I made a lot of friends through crafting interactions. I know there have been games where items get imbued by crafters. I'd like to see something much richer and more fundamental to the mechanics of getting good gear. Crafting in most games has felt like a bolted on afterthought which was there to placate the makers and serve as both a time and economic sink. I'm getting the feeling that VR aren't embracing integral crafting nearly to the degree I had hoped. For a game that's all about group play and community, I thought they would jump at the opportunity to drive further community engagement.
  4. Celandor

    Officially Recognized Fansite

    That's great news, congrats. The site is looking great.
  5. Celandor


    Can't we just agree to kill /follow and that people who go afk are terrible human beings? Guess not. Always some lame excuse. "My kid has been standing in a snowbank waiting for me to pick him up for the last hour." "I have to run to the store, my dog hasn't had any food for 3 days." "My insulin is in the bathroom, I'll be really quick, I promise." "I've been wearing this same adult diaper for 3 days and it's getting a bit ripe."
  6. Celandor

    Housing Instanced and built.

    LOTRO did a very nice job with what I would describe as semi-instanced housing. They had a small zone where you would click on a gate and pick the name of the neighbourhood you wanted to visit. If you wanted to invite friends over, you just told them which city and the neighbourhood name. Inside each neighbourhood there were a few guild-sized homes and then more home models of different designs for single players. There were maybe 20 homes per neighbourhood. The neighbourhood instances were all identical, but when you were in your neighbourhood, you had actual neighbours and vendors. You saw people around your house and you had random visitors if you allowed them via the permission system. The elvish neighbourhood for example had beautiful pre-built homes that you essentially rented. There were streams, waterfalls, waterfront properties by the major nearby river... It gave you the home without the isolation of feeling like you were in a nameless apartment that nobody else would ever see. (EQ2: Do you smell something? Ya, this gnome died in his apartment 3 weeks ago and nobody noticed.) I liked Vanguard's housing system too. I really like the idea of having a house where I get to pick the spot and the style. SWG though had player housing sprawl. No game will hopefully ever make that mistake again. Horizons, had it survived past launch, had an interesting housing system where you had to explore to find the buildable plots. This was combined with an elaborate layout and building process that let you build truly unique homes.
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