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  1. 1AD7

    Has the average gamer level diminished?

    I don't see what EQOA has to do with anything ... I know you have made comments elsewhere that suggests it was an easy game or whatever. A lot of games utilize water for some sort of mana regen ... sitting to meditate was obviously an EQ thing so unless he played that game it would make sense that he would be looking for other methods to regen. I can't remember how it worked in EQOA but I know EQ2/FFXI both used food/water for out of combat regen. I think WoW did the same. If his character starts off with water (like you do in most games) it's generally a ration that increases out of combat regen.
  2. 1AD7

    Website Maintenance

    We are currently working on updating the website. Please excuse the default theme while we work on restoring the aesthetics.
  3. 1AD7


    I'll try to post some follow-up material as soon as I can get the rest of the site restored, hopefully by tomorrow. You are correct though @Philo -- finding a way to give value to the profession in-game that can't be achieved with out-of-game window tabbing is the biggest challenge for making a profession like this worthwhile.
  4. 1AD7


    Cartography has been discussed for years within the Pantheon community. I would venture to say that the majority of players don't want to see the traditional "Press M and a fully drawn out map opens up" kind of experience. Furthermore, GPS indicators are basically viewed as the plague. When you combine both of them, a lot of players end up opening their maps and focusing on a little dot that represents their character in the world while they travel or adventure, and will do this for extended periods of time. Doing so takes away from the beauty, luster, and sense of exploration from the world itself and causes serious issues with the "It's about the journey, not the destination" argument. I think a fog of war mechanic could be really beneficial for both map-makers, and map-users. If a cartographer wants to create a map, they must be physically present in the area they are trying to record. For players that purchase maps, they would start off as a basic shell -- only after exploring an area will the fog of war dissipate and finer details start to emerge on the parchment. There is plenty of merit in the idea that having the ability to create player-made maps would be good for immersion, social interaction, commerce, and achievement. Cartography would be a great crafting profession for explorer types as it would allow them to enjoy a sense of progression that is tied into their preferred playstyle. After doing some research on the Bartle Study ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bartle_taxonomy_of_player_types ) it would seem to me that cartography could be enjoyable for most player types. Explorers seem like the natural fit, but as an Achiever, I must admit that a feature like this would be really appealing to me as well. Socializers could also benefit from a variety of cartography-induced scenarios. Whether it's assisting another player who is making a map or trying to communicate an interpretation of a map in their possession to friends, there are ample opportunities for social interaction. Due to the nature of how player-made maps could work, bartering would also be commonplace. I would like to propose a rough outline of how this feature could work. Feel free to respond with any observations/comments/feedback. Map Types: Interior: Interior maps would be used for large structures (Castles, Cathedrals, Temples, etc), Caves, Crypts, Tunnels, etc. Exterior: Exterior maps would be used for zones. These would basically offer a birds eye view of any exterior zone. Markers could be used to notate a POI that might require it's own interior map. Bundle: Advanced cartographers could create magical maps that transition from exterior to interior when you cross coordinate thresholds. (These are much more difficult to make.) Map Resources: Ink (Drops from NPC's but requires refining from an alchemist before it can be scribed to parchment) Black Ink would be used to create the outline (outer shell pre-fog of war) for exterior zones. Blue Ink would be used to shade in tundras, glaciers, or bodies of water that you can swim in. (Can use multiple shades) Green Ink would be used to notate forests, grass, gardens, crop fields. (Can use multiple shades) Brown ink would be used to identify soil, swamps (can't swim in these), sand, rock. (Can use multiple shades) Grey Ink would be used to identify mountains, walls, structures. Red Ink would be used to describe custom markers (Emblems) as determined by the cartographer. (Can scribe text onto parchment and create textual references for NPC's, POI's or Perception Triggers) Emblems (Emblems would be a "skill" for cartographers, perhaps they can only utilize so many per day based on their skill level, method of skill ups TBD) Stars would be used to notate a POI. Exclamation points would be used to notate an NPC. Question marks would be used to notate a possible perception trigger. Additional Shapes (Waves, Mountain Caps, Trees, tents, keeps, campfires, signposts, steins (taverns!), etc) Parchment (If ink fades, you can return to your cartographer for recoloring) Crude Paper would deteriorate after 30 days. Only black/green/brown/blue inks are compatible. Standard Paper would deteriorate after 60 days. Only black/green/brown/blue inks are compatible. Crude Parchment would deteriorate after 90 days. All inks are compatible, but red/grey inks will fade. (Weather can expedite fading) Standard Parchment would deteriorate after 120 days. All inks are compatible, but red/grey inks will fade. (Weather can expedite fading) Vellum would be permanent. All inks are compatible, but red/grey inks will fade. (Weather can expedite fading) Uterine Vellum would be permanent. All inks are compatible, and will never fade. Codex (These would be rare drops from the world loot table and players are free to affix them to their maps as they see fit) Basic codex would slow down deterioration and any ink fading by 25% Quality codex would slow down deterioration and any ink fading by 50% High Quality codex would eliminate deterioration and slow down any fading by 75% That's about it for now. I'm not trying to propose a fully fleshed out cartography system, just wanted to get a conversation going. I know some folks will probably cringe as soon as they see the emblem explanations and that's okay. I think it's important to realize that all of these things will exist on 3'rd party websites anyway. If cartography is going to be a meaningful profession, crafters should be able to compete with the world wide web. I am particularly interested in ideas that could offer them any sort of value that could earn the business of folks who would otherwise be a window tabber as I feel this is the biggest obstacle in making a profession like this work. Maybe cartographers could trade their emblems to other players (they become no-trade at that point), allowing consumers to mark down their own POI's or references as they see fit. I'm sure there are plenty of potential conflicts that can be found in this post ... feel free to critique, but kudos to anybody who contributes any feedback or ideas that could improve or expand upon what is here.
  5. 1AD7

    Dual Specialization

    Paladin & Summoner both added. 1 class to go!
  6. 1AD7

    Has the average gamer level diminished?

    It all boils down to game design. Games like WoW lead people around on rails. You don't need to travel to the dungeon, you just queue up. You don't need to know the mechanics of a boss fight, you just use DBM and follow the flashing prompts on your screen. You don't need to explore, you just follow the magical waypoint. Overall, I agree with you that the average player appears to be less likely to understand the ropes of their character. When players aren't properly motivated to strive for excellence, they settle for mediocrity. Games needs to be challenging and mistakes need to be punished. Playing at a high level needs to be recognized ... not with an achievement, but with good game design that allows exceptional players to feel like their effort actually amounts to something. If you can half-ass your way through the entire game then what's the point of putting your best foot forward?
  7. 1AD7

    Dual Specialization

    Ranger/Necromancer added. Wizard partially complete.
  8. 1AD7

    Anti-RMT Sheriff

    Please see attached for a PDF slide that provides details on how things would work, but also consider the list below as a set of golden rules that should be referenced if something doesn't make sense: 1) All items that can be purchased from the Vanity Merchant can also be purchased with gold. 2) Vanity items are meant to be fun/flavorful items that help build/distinguish character personality/creativity/reputation. 3) Nothing is gated behind vanicoin or enhanced sub. (Vanicoin value is purposely designed to be relatively insignificant.) 4) Vanity Merchant has merit to exist regardless of how everything else ties in. 5) There is absolutely zero P2W. No higher sub tiers. 6) Players are encouraged to help support an anti-RMT fund with minimal gimmicky incentive. (Small monthly allowance of untradeable vanicoin that can ONLY be used at the vanity merchant. No other purpose or function) 7) Reputation ties everything together. Reputation for the game (We are ready to battle RMT, and will win) -- Reputation for the player (annual house item that shows you contributed toward winning the war) -- and reputation for our characters through the items that the vanity merchant offers. 8) Haircuts & Tattoos are other potential vanity items. (Nothing unique, just a makeover using whatever options are available at character select for your race) 9) Can help offset costs of anti-RMT staff, and thus create additional funding for actual game development. 10) No important development time is being used to create cosmetic art assets. Options are very generic, but meaningful. Development team is not encouraged to spend time making more assets. (They could, however be justified and that would be a success) Pantheon-RMT-Sheriff.pdf
  9. 1AD7

    Interview with Ceythos about Crafting in Pantheon

    When I think about a "pure crafter" I think of someone that is primarily engaged in crafting but also participates in buying/selling/trading goods with other players. This includes adventurers, harvesters, or other crafters. It really depends on the player but I think it's entirely possible that someone could level crafting to max without having to harvest any of the required materials themselves. I am a huge fan of contested nodes (FFXI) as I believe when done right, you can better control the flow of resources coming into the world. The biggest difference between FFXI and EQ2 (that I can remember) is that the nodes were much rarer in FFXI. It was a night and day difference. I was never a fan of the EQ2 harvesting system and it certainly didn't help that various PVE quests required players to have their gathering or mining skills up as this contributed toward the economy being flooded with resources from players who otherwise never would have bothered with harvesting in the first place. I am of the mindset that it should be difficult for players to reach max level in any profession and the easiest way to accomplish that for crafters is to control the supply of crafting components. You'll be able to get some from adventurers and some from harvesters but how much they overlap remains to be seen. I would rather see fewer and more meaningful crafted pieces than players creating tons of everything to level up. Create the limited supply of resources and leave it up to the players to figure out the best ways to accumulate them. I think there is plenty of potential with the system as it has been described but if you want to create a truly fulfilling crafting experience, you need to allow players to leverage their knowledge of the game and relationships with other players. If everything is ultra-accessible, it leads to a type of experience where you create an endless supply of everything and are forced to unload it for pennies on the dollar because you have to compete with everybody else that is doing the same thing. Crafting goods becomes a means to an end where players are trying to minimize their losses while leveling up without placing any real value in what they make. It also makes it extremely unlikely that players will seek you out for your services because the market is permanently flooded with goods from other crafters who are undercutting each other while trying to recoup some of their leveling costs. Less is more, as far as I'm concerned.
  10. 1AD7

    Greetings from URGatorB8

    Welcome to the forum! I too have been following Pantheon very closely since the first day I found it (January 2017). I spend quite a bit of time on the regular forum but I do have hopes that this one can pick up some traction in the future. I have a few ideas lined up that should be able to help with that and look forward to what lies ahead. Cheers!
  11. 1AD7

    Lore and Legend

    The L&L system from EQ2 (link to the description at the end of this post) was pretty awesome but I can definitely see plenty of room for improvement. It just so happens that one of the features being developed for Pantheon could end up being the difference maker in how the L&L system is taken to a new level. The feature I am talking about (as have others) is perception. Here is the description for it: The Perception System One of the most profound things about Pantheon is how we are designing the game from the ground up so that the Environment truly matters – we want players to care about the world they are in, and why things are the way they are. When you think of MMOs, when is the last time you discovered the meaning, or the history, or the secrets of a person, place or event without being told by a text box? What if we’ve conceived of a way to bring players back to exploring because they are compelled by what they see in front of them - not because a blinking light tells them to go there? In Pantheon, Wizards will be able to perceive things that a Warrior cannot. Through prayer, a Cleric may gain insight into an area, or a creature, that a Rogue could never know. Through our perception system, Pantheon will redefine how the game world becomes known, and how players will work together to progress. Looking at the above description, I can see plenty of ways the perception feature could be used to enhance the L&L system. It was mentioned how clerics could gain insight into a creature that a rogue could never know. Maybe it takes having a cleric, paladin, or necromancer in your group before players could unlock any L&L quest that involves undead? Maybe that same logic could be applied to each of the races. What if you needed an Ogre in your group before it becomes possible to unlock the L&L quest for the Wos Che? Maybe you need a Dark Myr in your group before you can unlock an L&L quest for various under-water species, or a Gnome for some sort of planar species? One of the really cool aspects of L&L in EQ2 was how you needed to find each "L&L Book" somewhere in the game world prior to initiating the quest. Rather than anybody/everybody being able to read these books, maybe you would need to have a specific class or race present who also has a qualifying perception score. With the way Terminus is being constructed, I like to think that each race brings a different sort of value/experience to the table. Each race hails from their own unique planet and they also seem to have their own territories in Terminus. Maybe it makes sense to expand on the identity for each race and use perception as a way to allow the race of our characters to be more significant than what we have seen in other games. I think some players wouldn't necessarily like the idea of needing to have a Dark Myr in their group in order to unlock the L&L quest for some sort of Leviathan species but I personally think it would be pretty damn cool. I like it more when you put these perception triggers in places where each race has had some sort of influence on the world. Maybe in order to unlock the Leviathan L&L quest you have to find a magical book in an underground water temple and have a Dark Myr in your group that can translate it's code. EQ2 Lore & Legend Links: http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Lore_and_Legend_Questshttp://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Lore_and_Legend_Timeline http://eq2.wikia.com/wiki/Lore_and_Legend_Timeline
  12. 1AD7

    Legendary Dungeon Crawl

    Here is a more fleshed out (non-instanced) version that has been modified for an MMO: Gauntlet of Diffusion -- (GoD) Design Goals: Create a challenging dungeon crawl experience centered around high replay value and dynamic combat. Utilize long-term, GoD exclusive vertical progression as an opportunity for players to unlock purposely limited yet tangible progression for characters that complete the dungeon. Recycle existing game assets in order to achieve maximum content value with minimal design effort. Create an effective gold-sink that can help with staving off inflation. Allow hardcore players an avenue to invest high playtime without contributing toward any significant gap in power between them and the larger player base. Create an epic dungeon experience that allows players an opportunity to affect temporary change into the world. Create a leaderboard that allows competitive players to ascend a ranked ladder that doesn't contribute toward the idea of competition for resources in the game world. Dungeon could be expanded upon with future expansions. Dungeon Design: The dungeon would consist of 7 wings that share a single, expansive floor plan. Each wing would contain it's own audio/video elements that grow progressively more foreboding. Each wing would contain a different pool of NPC's and itemization to randomly draw from, scaling in difficulty/quality. The difficulty scaling for each wing would include more atmospheres, environmental effects, or traps not seen in priors wings. As you progress through each wing, more dispositions would be added to the NPC pool. Movement speed, aggro ranges, and detection methods would fluctuate depending on NPC type. To expand on the above, think of drakes that can cover long distances in short periods of time, beholders that can see through invis, or wolves that can detect you from an increased range. Every NPC serves as a place-holder for lottery spawns, meaning that every respawn has a very small chance to spawn as a named. The final room for each wing would contain a teleportation device that can only be activated by defeating a force-spawned gate-keeper. Dungeon Rules: An admission fee must be paid by each player prior to entering the dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, each player would be outfitted in starter gear. (They retain their level.) If a group wipes, they are removed from the dungeon and have to restart at the entrance on their next run. Players can attune themselves to teleportation devices, allowing them to save their progress, exit the dungeon, and pick up where they left off when they return. In order to attune to a teleportation device, players must conquer the unique gate-keeper associated with it. T2 chests have a chance to drop a "Providence" item. These can be used to summon a player to a teleportation device that they have previously attuned to, consuming the item in the process. The dungeon utilizes a unique progression model for itemization. (Explained in next section.) Itemization Progression Model: Loot would be divided into five colored tiers. T1 (Red Chests) -- T1 loot would include gear and consumables ranging in quality from poor to average. T1 loot is considered temporary and will disappear from player inventories if they wipe and fail the dungeon. T2 (Green Chests) -- T2 loot would include gear and consumables that are higher quality than what can be found in red chests, ranging from good to great. T2 loot is considered temporary and will disappear from player inventories if they wipe and fail the dungeon. (The only exception to this rule is the "Providence" item which would not disappear. It is consumed upon use, though.) T3 (Blue Chests) -- T3 loot would include gear that ranges in quality from good to great. T3 loot is considered soulbound to GoD. T3 loot cannot be taken with you outside of the dungeon, but will return to your inventory when players re-enter the zone in the future. T4 (Purple Chests) -- T4 loot would include gear with an excellent quality score. T4 loot is considered soulbound to GoD. T4 loot cannot be taken with you outside of the dungeon, but will return to your inventory when players re-enter the zone in the future. T5 (Gold Chests) -- T5 loot would include tradeable collection items. T5 collectibles are the only items that can be taken out of GoD. There is a collection merchant outside of the dungeon that is willing to trade a prestigious item for a full set of these items. (It's possible to create multiple "sets" of these collection items with each set qualifying for a different prestigious item. These prestigious items would be cosmetic or utility in nature and could include mounts, cloaks, illusions, pet illusions, and house items. )Could also include weight reduction bags, special quivers, summoning stones, etc.) Final Thoughts: Itemization would ideally be balanced around a "situational gear" ideology. All the way up to T4, the ceiling for any individual piece of loot would be situational. In order for the above to be true, a wide variety of combat situations would need to be present in the dungeon, ranging from atmosphere, environment, and resistance. To further expand on the above, a variety of NPC dispositions and behaviors should contribute toward the value of long-term diagonal progression within the dungeon. Lottery spawns would always drop at least 1 piece of T3-T4 gear, and have an increased chance of dropping a T5 collectible item. In addition to the above, lottery spawns would drop a single teleportation rune. X amount of teleportation runes can be consumed to summon a gate-keeper in the final room of each wing. These runes would be tiered for each wing. Item quality would not necessitate "ilevel" or "gearscore" implementation. A human being would determine what loot belongs in each tier. You could limit the availability of this dungeon by gating it behind faction or using it as a "dynamic event" that utilizes various world triggers that can open/close it. The 7'th wing would contain a wise sage in the final room that offers to teach adventurers a powerful spell or ability. Rather than a teleportation device, the final room of the 7'th wing would contain a summoning portal. In order to activate the summoning portal, players would need to consume a full set of teleportation runes from each wing. (7 sets total.) Activating the summoning portal would call forth an epic raid boss, tuned for a raid that is completely outfitted in T4 gear. Defeating the final boss would affect temporary change into the world of Terminus. The final boss could have it's own unique set of prestigious items. (The only vertical progression associated with this dungeon is a single spell or ability acquired from the Wise Sage.)
  13. 1AD7

    League of Legends

    I plan on streaming Pantheon as soon as permitted. I have been messing around with character animator software and created a pilot video that demonstrates the kind of theme that I would like to stream around. League of Legends is obviously a completely different kind of game but the logic was to take an in-game character, turn them into an animated puppet, and then give them personality. This video is actually my brother playing Fiddlesticks (and narrating) but you'll see me in there somewhere playing Xerath (League Handle: 1AD7) -- it's going to be awhile yet before I have my twitch channel ready but again I wanted to share an example of how things might look. I am also interested in doing animated comic skits for Pantheon when more art assets and lore becomes available. Anyway, here is a link:
  14. 1AD7


    Welcome @Leta! I have a feeling that the number of people interested in this kind of game will continue to go up dramatically as it get's more exposure. After winning the "Most Anticipated MMO of 2017 & 2018" reward twice in a row at MMORPG.com, I feel like we are definitely headed in the right direction. VR will eventually open the flood gates to allow players to stream the game during testing. Not sure when it will happen, but sometime in 2018 is the last I heard. I definitely look forward to streaming it as soon as possible and have been preparing my Twitch channel and YouTube channel to heavily focus on sharing this awesome game with as many folks as possible. Glad to have you hear with us! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the game, I have been following it since late 2016 and have been pretty involved in the community. There has been a lot of progress for the game ... I know AoC also coined this phrase but it belongs to Pantheon as far as I am concerned. #MakingMMOsGreatAgain
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