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  1. Maclypse

    Pantheon Raiding -- Hyper/Ghost Concept

    I don't feel it was instancing that brought about BiS, it was really the theorycrafters more than anything. I remember way back in Vanilla EQ knowing what the best item for me to have per slot was, but it was hard to obtain, or extremely rare. So there were lists of them on fan sites. I think because of the success of WoW, and its reliance on gear that we saw a boom in the requirements of BiS items. In Everquest, you could have the BiS, or you could have a Fine Steel weapon, if you had the skill you could still do well. In fact, I've been involved with a plethora of raids in EQ where we had to out-skill the boss because of our raid makeup. It was something that was still possible if everyone worked together and came up with a good strategy for the boss. In WoW, if you had some common drop, you weren't viable and in some cases wouldn't even be allowed to raid. You needed enough skill to not get hit by the AoEs, but if you also had to have the "iLvl" to be able to take on the encounter as well, or in some cases you couldn't even damage the boss or heal the other raid members effectively. With that said, I MUCH prefer the EQ version over the WoW when it comes to gearing.
  2. Maclypse

    Player.me Profiles

    Not sure how much I'll use it, but signed up.
  3. Maclypse

    Paladins Two Races

    Since most MMOs do this in some shape or form, I don't think it will be a huge deal at launch. For an MMO that supposed to be story-driven, I feel it's a good decision to create limitations like this. It's not likely, within the lore, to see a Race with low Intelligence have a bunch of Wizards running around. Alternatively, like in the example, I wouldn't expect a Race that worships a Dark deity to be able to harness the power of a Paladin. Shadow Kight-type (Dire Lord in this case) yes, but not a Paladin. I do second 1AD7's idea on this though, as well. Just because there aren't a lot, doesn't mean there can't be some. To have the ability to unlock a Race/Class combo outside of the societal norms would be a fantastic way to build player engagement. Especially if doing so required extensive questing and working through the Progeny system. Plus, being that first, and maybe only, Ogre Bard on your server would be a feat in itself.
  4. Maclypse


    Hi all, Maclypse here. I've been playing MMOs since EQ Launch, and gaming for much longer before that. I'm looking forward to Pantheon and, at this point at least, thinking I will be playing a Bard. In EQ, the Bard quickly became my favorite class once I started playing one. While they are generally the "Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none", the utility they offer the group, particularly in EQ, is unrivaled. For this site, I just look forward to getting to know the community better, and contributing where I can. I feel that I can draw from my years of experience to help others out, and hopefully offer a unique insight into the game and genre.
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