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    Has the average gamer level diminished?

    He said he played EQOA, didn't you have to sit to med? At the very least he said he played Pantheon for a half an hour to get ready for the stream...and he didn't figure that out? That seems about as basic as you can get. I don't claim to know anything about eqoa...I was to involved in EQ when it was released. That comment on the forums, that obviously bothered you about eqoa, was because the person I was responding to was describing EQOA in a way that made it sound very easy. You are taking it out of context. I know you you have strong feelings about that because you never played EQ and it seems like most people on the forum did but that's not what this is about. That kid is probably better than your average "current" mmo gamer. I don't want him anywhere near my groups. Granted, the lvl of play/teamwork in the streams is always very low but, man...that one stood out as very bad. And it's going to be even worse... Edit: I just looked it up...yes you had to sit to gain mana in eqoa.
  2. Philo

    Has the average gamer level diminished?

    I know you all saw it and its old news at this point...but it made me think of this thread. That koopatrooper stream. He's a gamer. He played EQOA. He's a twitch streamer... He doesn't know to sit to gain mana faster. He is looking through his inventory clicking on water thinking it will give him mana. Watching that makes me feel like the average competency level is waaay below what I give people credit for. I wouldn't want to group with that guy let alone have him represent my game on a twitch stream. PUGing on release is going to be a nightmare.
  3. Philo


    I think it is a common question: How would you make a cartography system that can't be bypassed by simply looking up a map on a webpage? It seems like there would have to be some in game benefit. I guess it could just be tied into the scribe profession and could be used as a way to get skill ups. What other ideas do you have 187?
  4. Philo

    Website Bugs & Errors

    You are probably aware...but the white background makes the white text unreadable unless it is highlighted.
  5. I'm going to use this to post a hypothetical question just to get it off my chest in a forum that isn't heavily used. I have noticed over the last handful of years that there has been a steep decline in the competency level of the "average" gamer. Why is that? Maybe it's because online games are more main stream which pulls from a wider demographic of people? Maybe its because games are mostly ftp and they draw in the lowest common denominator of players? The people around me, that play a similar amount of time, are in the same guild etc., seem to be MUCH worse on average than players who played a similar amount 10 years ago or more. So much so that at this point some of them are spending decent chunks of money in cash shops each month and are just keeping up or are well below where my characters progress is and I am completely ftp. This isn't a brag...my characters that I am referring to are very mediocre. I definitely am not "hardcore" the way I play these games. I am what I consider to be a casual player...though I do prefer to be efficient with my time. I don't think my gaming skills have increased. If anything they have dropped off. I definitely am not as focused and don't spend the time playing that I once did so that can't be the reason that I am noticing this trend. This seems like it is a reoccurring incident at this point. I have seen this happen in a couple games. Is it just me or have others noticed this as well? ...the reason may be due to not playing games that use a purely subscription model that draws in more dedicated players...maybe? Unsure. Hopefully Pantheons subscription based model will solve this issue but it is a bit concerning and there is no guarantee. It could be the effect of a generation of younger players who have never had the option to play a challenging mmo so many never learned to play efficiently. There were no consequences for playing inefficiently so this style of gameplay has not been adopted?...at least as far as the middle of the road, non "hardcore" players are concerned? I swear the average player is MUCH worse than they used to be around a decade or more ago. Is it just me? Maybe I am just unlucky to have noticed this repeatedly?
  6. Philo

    Dual Specialization

    Where is this info from?
  7. Philo

    Official forums dead

    I know everyone is busy testing and doesnt want to talk about anything anymore because of the nda. It makes the alpha wait more difficult. I was thinking...this site could turn into the site to go to for the Fantheon Gatherings/Conventions when those start happening. I think Brad liked the Fantheon name enough that Fantheon will be used as the official name.
  8. Philo

    Official forums dead

    The official forums are a ghost town other than newbies. Its understandable but damn...
  9. Philo

    Housing Instanced and built.

    I wasn't a fan of LotRO housing. The housing instances were usually a ghost town. They were nearly identical instances with very similar houses. They were better when first released but it didn't take long for them to feel empty. I feel that is the wrong way to implement housing. Brad has recently talked about housing in a different way. He mentioned guild outposts that could be moved around. More like a temporary campsite...or a fort that could be moved to a different location. It sounds like guilds would establish their "house" in an area that the guild was using heavily. Once that area is outgrown, the guild HQ could be moved to another area. This type of system has both positives and negatives. I like the ability to move the "house" to a better location. This makes it very convenient to be close by wherever a guild is adventuring. It is a negative that players won't have their own personal "house". I guess allowing every player to move around their personal house would clutter the world.
  10. Philo


    The mentor system is in place to solve your exact problem. If you're 6 lvls higher than she is you won't be done playing Pantheon. You simply delevel yourself to her lvl temporarily so that you can play together. Your concern is unwarranted.
  11. This is mostly a question for 187 but anyone can answer... I'm sure we have all seen a ton of gaming websites over the years. Some grew to be successful, some stagnated and died. What will make this site different from the standard game forum that everyone will use? Many successful sites find a niche. allahkazams, eqtrader, magelo etc. I've enjoyed the discussions I've had here even if there are not that many members currently...and 187 usually makes posts that I agree with on the pantheon forum. I'd like to see this site succeed. How will that happen? What is the Fantheon difference that is going to bring people here? Especially when the Pantheon forums become free for everyone?
  12. Plus, in Pantheon, rogues will have some forms of CC...sap/stun etc. That seems bard like too. I always play arcane casters. Which tend to be DPS usually...but I was thinking about playing an enchanter in Pantheon.
  13. Hard to say without playing it out. It would definitely have to be a balancing issue. I do still question about whether it might be dull to play if you were in a group that was going smoothly where you didn't have to switch up what you were doing a lot. You don't want there ever to be a combat scenario where the optimal songs to be playing are basically autoattack songs (turn on and leave on). But, again, hard to say how things would pan out without knowing more. What class are you planning on playing on release while you wait for bards?
  14. Philo

    What would you like progeny rewards to be?

    I am finding out new info. Apparently your progeny character will be required to be the same race as your max level character. The link below doesn't work for me so I don't really know what it says...but...apparently that is what is talked about there...if anyone can get that link to work and wanted to share the info that would be nice... Kilsin said "the basic Progeny principle is to just create a child/level 1 character of your max levelled character's race" (Source: https://www.pantheonmmo.com/content/forums/topic/2870/progeny-system/view/page/2 ) If that ^ says what I think it does, unique class race combos are not possible. Edit: Baz copy/pasted the quote and it was in response to you 187...you should really share this info with us
  15. Philo

    Website Bugs & Errors

    yep, fixed on my end.
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