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    Pantheon Raiding -- Hyper/Ghost Concept

    Instancing started the BiS craze. Prior to instanced content, there were just too many rare items in the world to compare. I like this concept and I believe in Pantheon they are going to do something they refer to as ghost lockouts. It sounded to me like the boss would respawn in 24 hours but if you killed it you would only see an untargetable ghost of the mob for your 7 day lockout duration. This allows 7 raids to kill the mob per week instead of 1. I personally do not want to see raid level loot flooded into the market. Rare is better for the health of the game. The original concept posted here could definitely work, however, it sounds like a lot of programming though for every raid mob in the game to actually be 3 fights.
  2. Maximis


    I think the key here is going to be positioning. If they make collision an issue or LoS be blocked by other players this is instantly solved. The toon AF directly behind you will neither be able to reach the mob through you or see it through you unless it is a taller than average mob. I do not know that they are implementing these ideas... but I can hope.
  3. Maximis

    Website Bugs & Errors

    the capcha is almost impossible to read when registering due to the color scheme you have picked. If I remember right it was black text on a black background.
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