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Found 1 result

  1. (Idea has evolved, please check second post for revised version.) This idea comes from one of my favorite RPG's of all time, Lufia 2, but is obviously modified in a way so that it could work for an MMO. I'm not sure how hard something like this would be to implement, but I imagine a lot of people would have a ton of fun with this. "Cave of Wonders" or "Eternal Dungeon" are some names that come to mind, but basically here's how it would work: At some point later in the game there would be a zone that harbors an ancient tribe that guards a dungeon, and after building enough faction with them, they will sell you a temporary passage rite to enter their dungeon. The dungeon would be designed for a group (maybe this can be scaled for raiding too, that would be great) and upon entering, everybody would start off with zero equipment or items. There are 4 tiers of loot for this dungeon, which can be found in chests or drop from mini bosses/names/trash/etc and they are all EXCLUSIVE to ONLY this dungeon except the T4 artifacts (not gear, a collectible item), meaning they cannot be used anywhere else in the game. Tier 1 loot is generally going to be lower end armor/items (scales based on the floor you loot them from)that disappear when your passage rite is over, which is basically when your group "wipes." Tier 2 loot would be considered above average gear, but it becomes soulbound to your character while still remaining exclusive to this dungeon. This means when your group dies and you are removed from the zone, the T2 loot is added to your "Cave of Wonders Exclusive Loot" whereas when you reenter the zone, you'll start with that piece of gear every time. Tier 3 loot has the same restrictions and advantages as T2, but rather than being "above average" the item would be more like Best in Slot. Again, once you leave the dungeon, you don't bring any of this stuff with you. T2 and T3 loot are soulbound to your character and are equippable any time you return to the dungeon, but never outside of it. Tier 4 loot are the rarest of all, a collection of 20 artifacts that when completed, you are awarded with some sort of treasure haul from the tribe that could be used anywhere in the game. This could be a combination of an awesome mount, plat, rare spell, or some sort of cool trinket. Whatever, make it epic, because this quest should be extremely difficult to complete. You may even be able to make these tradeable, but they can only be redeemed as a full set. Now that we know how the loot would work, let's talk a little more about the dungeon itself. The dungeon has 100 floors. Every time you pay your passage rite (this could be a huge plat sink if one is needed) you gain a 1 time entry into the dungeon. You always start off with zero gear/items, unless you have looted T2-T3 loot in previous dungeon runs in which case you would start off with those items, giving you an instant boost to your ability to progress deeper into the dungeon. The mobs would scale in difficulty, getting harder and harder the deeper you go. Once you get to level 20 or so the difficulty of the dungeon becomes noticeably harder. Eventually it becomes so difficult that it's almost impossible to advance unless your group is fairly decked out with T2-T3 loot, and in the deeper levels (around 50-60) even a decked out group may have a hard time advancing to the next floor. The encounters should get so hard that there is a very real chance that if you run into the wrong type of mob, your group is going to wipe. A level 60 fire dragon for example ... better hope your tank has a T3 fire resist item or 2 or it's insta death. Once you get to level 100, you unlock a special instance for the final boss that has a 1 week lockout once it's killed. This allows the devs to tune the encounter to be appropriately hard but still give the players a chance to actually have a chance to learn it. Making it all the way to floor 100 just to fight the super mega boss that will inevitably kill you obviously wouldn't work because of how extreme the death penalty is inside the dungeon. I'm not going to delve too much into this part because I'm sure the devs could have plenty of fun planning how the encounter would work and what type of reward would be given to those who can fell this legendary beast. It should be an epic achievement and the reward(s) could be used in the regular world. Every floor would be completely random every time you enter the dungeon. There is no linear path to find the exit on each floor. There are tons of corridors, doors, rooms, traps, fake chests, fake exits (real exits are a portal, fake exits look the same but instead of advancing you to the next floor of the dungeon, you get ported to a different location on the same floor.) Each floor varies in size, whether or not chests (or mini bosses, names) would be present, and how many lurking monsters there are. You could even change the dungeon art/music every 20-25 levels where it starts to get considerably harder, providing both an audio and video sense of progression as you delve deeper and deeper into the dungeon. (Can add more dungeon levels with expansions to keep the zone relevant) I think abilities like stealth, mezz, charm, traps, etc, could be very important. Each floor isn't going to be a matter of just killing everything. Many times it would be smarter to avoid a fight if possible, but this gets increasingly harder the deeper you go. Mobs would have bigger LoS range, faster movement speed, etc. I could see something like this being insanely fun and with high replay value. People are going to want to acquire as much T2-T3 loot as possible to be better equipped to survive the deeper levels, and all T4 loot would have a pretty good value as well. People could save up for their own collection of 20, or sell individual pieces off on the auction house, donate to guild, etc. But the T4 stuff needs to be super rare. Anybody who is able to get their hands on all 20 artifacts should have a really awesome reward in their hands and probably a title to go with it.
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