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What is the Fantheon difference?

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This is mostly a question for 187 but anyone can answer...

I'm sure we have all seen a ton of gaming websites over the years.  Some grew to be successful, some stagnated and died.

What will make this site different from the standard game forum that everyone will use? 

Many successful sites find a niche.  allahkazams, eqtrader, magelo etc.

I've enjoyed the discussions I've had here even if there are not that many members currently...and 187 usually makes posts that I agree with on the pantheon forum.  I'd like to see this site succeed.  How will that happen?

What is the Fantheon difference that is going to bring people here?  Especially when the Pantheon forums become free for everyone?

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At the end of the day I feel it will be a community effort.  The main reason I started this site to begin with was because of the demand for an updated Pantheon forum.  I wanted to share a fresh take on what an updated forum would feel like, and welcome any/all Pantheon followers to share their input/feedback about the game.  When VR eventually unveils their new forums, my understanding is that they will be transitioning toward actual "game forums" and getting away from "development forums."  One of the ideas I have had is that this forum will always be a home for people to share ideas about the direction they would like to see Pantheon take in the future.  There are a few things I still plan on integrating here that will become more viable over time.  I would like to extend an opportunity for serious Pantheon enthusiasts to share their thoughts/experiences here whether it's through blogging, streaming, or something else.

We also want to place an emphasis on helping followers of the game find other helpful fan sites for Pantheon.  Rather than having to dig through a fansite sub-forum to find what is available, we will have all of them featured on our homepage.  Over time we will continue to spruce things up with the user experience being the guiding light behind every design decision.  There are great things in store for Pantheon and our goal is to help raise awareness for both the game itself and the wonderful community who make it their MMO home.  The ideas or thoughts shared on this site will never be censored unless they violate standard web conduct guidelines.  We are open to any ideas from the community that can help us identify a niche that might be under-served so feel free to share anything you can think of that can help improve the quality of our site.  I appreciate the thought behind your post Philo.

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