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Monk Reveal

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Check out the 2 part stream where the monk class is revealed:


The Monk

Did all the kicking, punching, pulling and laying down on the job pique your interest in the Monk? Good, and luckily for you we have an even more in-depth look at class here.

(Click image to enlarge)

Through longstanding discipline and unwavering obedience to ancient teachings, the Monk wields their body and soul as a devastating, holistic weapon against their enemies.

Group Role: Melee DPS, Off-Tank, Pulling Utility

Armor: Cloth, Light Leather and Monk-Specific Materials

Weaponry: While Monks are proficient in many types of blunt weaponry, it is their devastating hand-to-hand techniques that make them one of the most feared combatants in Terminus. In addition, many Monks devote themselves to honing deadly skill with the Shuriken.

Ability Arsenal: Monks have mastered the arts of transforming their body and soul into resilient, living weapons. The Arts of the Body consist of devastating physical attacks such as Flurry Punch, Strike of the Wayward Wind and Rising Moon Kick. The Arts of the Soul allow Monks to concentrate their flow of Chi into punishing physical attacks like Surge of Chi, defensive abilities like Mountain Pose, and self-healing techniques like Resonating Palm.

Iconic Ability: Feign Death. Through mastery of their own body and soul, Monks are able to sustain their life while slowing their heartbeat to a complete stop. While in this state, the Monk will appear dead and be ignored by most creatures.

We spoke with Creative Director Chris Perkins about the Monk, and while the class is still very much a work in progress, he had few interesting design ideas about the class he shared with us. The Monk is envisioned not as just a fantastic pulling class, but also as capable melee DPS, short term crowd control and as a suitable offtank. The class will feature two specializations - Body and Soul. Body will be the prototypical hand-to-hand DPS class while Soul is envisioned to be a stalwart off-tank with self-healing mechanics and high avoidance. Fans of the traditional Monk and of Vanguards Disciple will feel right at home with this highly utilitarian class.

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