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What is a druid?

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Our Druids are about the cycles of nature, the dance between predator and prey. Their powers draw from the forces of nature, like Lightning, Earthquakes, Wildfires, as well as the restorative and transformative sides of Nature. Think of them less as paragons of peace and some ideal of what Nature could or should be, and rather as reflecting what Nature is. -Kilsin quoting  loremaster Istuulamae Feb 2017

Real life research: 

  1. Druid knowledge is passed along word of mouth 
  2. Ovates are healers, Druids are philosophers and teachers
  3. Celtic druids were largely village leaders - Keepers of social order, legal disputes, and spiritual councilors
  4. Elements of druidism
    • All life is sacred
    • The otherworld- a parallel world that maintains the spirits of ancestors
    • Reincarnation 
    • Nature is sacred
    • Holistic healing
    • Life is a journey of stages
    • Potential- the measure of creative, psychic, intellectual, and intuitive capabilities
    • Magic- Ideas become manifested through the mind and divination

There are many druidic organizations still alive today, order of bards and druids, Golden Dawn, etc

Merlin is though to be a druid as opposed to the common view of him as a wizard

D&D 5e - druids chose land druid or moon druid

  1. Land druid - low constitutions, high magical acuity
  2. Moon druids- high constitution, shape shifters (think WoW)

Based on the above:

  • Lore
    1. Druids are predators; chaotic and hungry
    2. They draw powers from forces of nature; land and moon
    3. There is a wheel of life, and druids are the ones driving it forward 
  • Functionality
    1. Role: Healer, DPS, Atmosphere/climate specialists
    2. Armor: Leather, cloth
    3. Weaponry: one-handed blunt and two-handed staves
    4. Ability arsenal: Healing, movement, outdoor themed DD and Dots, Climate alteration, atmosphere influencing, and, dare I venture a guess, shapeshifting?!? (transformative side of nature)
    5. Iconic ability: summon storm- calling upon the destructive forces of nature, a Druid can out perform a wizard under strict circumstances and also provide a change in atmospheric rains when necessary to replenish
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I enjoyed reading your take on the druid class.  One thing I am curious about in particular is what kind of unique role they will play in raiding.  EQOA was one of my favorite MMO's and each of the three healer types played a very different role.  Clerics were used for large direct heals, druids were used for HoT's, and shamans were used for wards.  HoT's didn't stack though so non-primary druids usually kept DPS and other groups topped off while the clerics and shamans focused on the main tank and off-tanks.  I'm not sure whether we'll see capped raiding or not but it definitely changes how that role could work.  In EQ2, for example, all heals stacked.  Healers were generally responsible for keeping their own group up and spot healing anybody low along the way.  I am hoping druids get some fun utility spells that are tied into acclimation or anything related to nature.  Maybe buffs that only work while outside, around trees, or with solid earth beneath your feet.  Tons of possibilities!

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Raiding is a tough idea to comprehend.  I expect healing to be their main focus.  EQ didn't really break the healers apart other than to give clerics the biggest direct heals, druids got regen and thorns, and shaman got slows. They all had HOTs I think.  I raided so little in EQ2 as a cleric but I do remember reactive heals being pretty important from clerics too.  I expect druids to be heal your own group style healers, raid buffers, role fillers (if shapeshifting becomes a thing), and most importantly atmosphere adjustors; can I coin the term, atmospheric counterspell.  How do you feel about requiring a druid for raids to counter a bosses attacks? countering an earthquake with levitate, or an AOE snare with an area wildfire.  I think its ok to have this type of class requirement for certain fights.      

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