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The L&L system from EQ2 (link to the description at the end of this post) was pretty awesome but I can definitely see plenty of room for improvement.  It just so happens that one of the features being developed for Pantheon could end up being the difference maker in how the L&L system is taken to a new level.  The feature I am talking about (as have others) is perception.  Here is the description for it:


The Perception System

One of the most profound things about Pantheon is how we are designing the game from the ground up so that the Environment truly matters – we want players to care about the world they are in, and why things are the way they are. When you think of MMOs, when is the last time you discovered the meaning, or the history, or the secrets of a person, place or event without being told by a text box? What if we’ve conceived of a way to bring players back to exploring because they are compelled by what they see in front of them - not because a blinking light tells them to go there? In Pantheon, Wizards will be able to perceive things that a Warrior cannot. Through prayer, a Cleric may gain insight into an area, or a creature, that a Rogue could never know. Through our perception system, Pantheon will redefine how the game world becomes known, and how players will work together to progress.


Looking at the above description, I can see plenty of ways the perception feature could be used to enhance the L&L system.  It was mentioned how clerics could gain insight into a creature that a rogue could never know.  Maybe it takes having a cleric, paladin, or necromancer in your group before players could unlock any L&L quest that involves undead?  Maybe that same logic could be applied to each of the races.  What if you needed an Ogre in your group before it becomes possible to unlock the L&L quest for the Wos Che?  Maybe you need a Dark Myr in your group before you can unlock an L&L quest for various under-water species, or a Gnome for some sort of planar species?  One of the really cool aspects of L&L in EQ2 was how you needed to find each "L&L Book" somewhere in the game world prior to initiating the quest.  Rather than anybody/everybody being able to read these books, maybe you would need to have a specific class or race present who also has a qualifying perception score.

With the way Terminus is being constructed, I like to think that each race brings a different sort of value/experience to the table.  Each race hails from their own unique planet and they also seem to have their own territories in Terminus.  Maybe it makes sense to expand on the identity for each race and use perception as a way to allow the race of our characters to be more significant than what we have seen in other games.  I think some players wouldn't necessarily like the idea of needing to have a Dark Myr in their group in order to unlock the L&L quest for some sort of Leviathan species but I personally think it would be pretty damn cool.  I like it more when you put these perception triggers in places where each race has had some sort of influence on the world.  Maybe in order to unlock the Leviathan L&L quest you have to find a magical book in an underground water temple and have a Dark Myr in your group that can translate it's code.

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