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Anti-RMT Sheriff

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Please see attached for a PDF slide that provides details on how things would work, but also consider the list below as a set of golden rules that should be referenced if something doesn't make sense:

1)  All items that can be purchased from the Vanity Merchant can also be purchased with gold.
2)  Vanity items are meant to be fun/flavorful items that help build/distinguish character personality/creativity/reputation.
3)  Nothing is gated behind vanicoin or enhanced sub.  (Vanicoin value is purposely designed to be relatively insignificant.)
4)  Vanity Merchant has merit to exist regardless of how everything else ties in.
5)  There is absolutely zero P2W.  No higher sub tiers.
6)  Players are encouraged to help support an anti-RMT fund with minimal gimmicky incentive.  (Small monthly allowance of untradeable vanicoin that can ONLY be used at the vanity merchant.  No other purpose or function)
7)  Reputation ties everything together.  Reputation for the game (We are ready to battle RMT, and will win)  --  Reputation for the player (annual house item that shows you contributed toward winning the war)  --  and reputation for our characters through the items that the vanity merchant offers.
8)  Haircuts & Tattoos are other potential vanity items.  (Nothing unique, just a makeover using whatever options are available at character select for your race)
9)  Can help offset costs of anti-RMT staff, and thus create additional funding for actual game development.
10)  No important development time is being used to create cosmetic art assets.  Options are very generic, but meaningful.  Development team is not encouraged to spend time making more assets.  (They could, however be justified and that would be a success)



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